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ISBN 978-0-966-39514-3
Copyright June 15, 2000
415 Pages

Downtown Dreams takes you on a remarkable journey into the world of advertising. Meet the creative minds and emotional souls of those who practice the fine art of persuasion-adpeople, contradictions wrapped up in a world of creativity, feeding on challenge, ignoring stress, reaching for the stars, and ultimately finding each other.

Printed Copy $14.90
Kindle Version $2.99
ISBN 978-0-966-39512-9
Copyright November, 2016
212 Pages

A patch of black ice sets in motion events as a father and daughter search for meaning in a world turned upside down. Music, the universal language, relates the story of a young girl with a violin and a secret. At times complex as a symphony or simple as a child's tune, her story is one of hope, passion, disappointment, courage, and the power of the human spirit.

Printed Copy $8.99
Kindle Version $3.99
ISBN 978-0-966-39513-1
Copyright June 15, 2017
818 Pages

A year filled with world-changing events intertwined with the lives of ordinary people. Yet, none of the famous occurrances compare with the horror unleashed by one of these ordinary people on an unsuspecting world. Decades later, evil lurks in shadows waiting to awaken again and again.

Printed Copy $26.95
Kindle Version $6.99
ISBN 978-0-966-3951-5-0
Copyright February 2, 2019
424 Pages

Terrorism. You never know when or where it will strike. So, maybe itís time to strike back. But, how? The answer lies in Satanís Shadow, if you have the courage to enter. Those who do find that itís darker than dark in Satanís Shadow. This is a tale of those brave souls who saw the harsh realities, entered the dragonís lair, and uncovered evil beyond their imagination.

Printed Copy $14.90
Kindle Version $2.99
ISBN 978-0-966-3951-7-4
Copyright January 16, 2020
509 Pages

2076AD brings you face-to-face with America on her 300th birthday. George is living in 2076, more accurately, he is awakening and finding himself in a struggle that will have world-changing impact. It is fiction - not science fiction. However, our world is changing at an accelerated pace, which means the unbelievable today can be commonplace tomorrow.

Printed Copy $14.00
Kindle Version $4.99
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